Who am i?


       Photography started for me by capturing little moments in my childrens lives and their real personality.  Rather quickly photography went from hobby to a part time job.  I loved it.  I loved pushing myself to be better and challenging myself to shoot a variety of genres.  During baseball season in early 2015 I started to use off camera flash to see what I could create.  I photographed my son at a baseball field with his uniform and I fell in love with what I was able to create.  I was getting photographs that could not be done with natural light alone.  Landscape photography has since taken a back seat.  Portraits, weddings and events have become my main focus.  Still always trying to be better, for myself and all of my clients.

  The kids that helped start it all.  Carson, Katie and Cam.  The origin of "CKC" image.




Ken Johnson

2116 Aldo ct. Eureka, Ca

(707) 496-9896